Our Mission:

Tech Transformation for Traditional Industry.

We invest in radically innovative AI and Robotics platforms that have the ability to massively increase revenue for core verticals such as construction, agriculture, transportation and industrial.


Closing the Gap

The two largest issues for early stage robotics and artificial intelligence startups: few venture funds lead early stage hardware rounds, and those that do lack the go-t0-market expertise to get these start-ups Series-A ready. Grit does all this while while making sure these start-ups focus on “humanized AI” - Artificial Intelligence that leverages many principles and disciplines to create machines ready to incorporate into the human world.


The VC Reboot

The original generation of Venture Capitalists was an operator, an engineer and a builder. Deep Tech, which was semiconductors, telecom, required expertise to help entrepreneurs build companies. The wave of mobile/social/gaming saw an influx of the financier. But as we turn back to deep tech with AI and Robotics, deeply technical founders need the help of expert company-builders to cross the bridge to commercialization.



Portfolio companies

From telecom in our early days to our new focus on old-industry robotics, Grit is a leader in the field of hands-on hardware venture investing.




Our firms have raised over $60M in venture capital in just 3 short years. Going from Pre-Seed to Series B in some cases, we have yet to have a portfolio company close its doors.



Robotics Industry

Robotics is estimated to hit $135B market size in 2019. But this technology wave is just beginning - as robotics continues to transform older industries, this multi-trillion dollar opportunity will become the most lucrative investment of the next 20 years.


Our Areas of Focus

Grit focuses on older industries, desperate for re-invigoration. As these companies see themselves slipping lower and lower on the Fortune 500 list, they are seeking a way to revitalize their business. This, paired with labor shortage offers opportunity for new start-ups to work with preeminent companies in the field, right out of the gates.



Many jobs are considered too hard or dangerous for the next generation. We now see robotics start-ups popping up in dry-walling, clean-up, framing and painting.


Little needs to be said for the transportation industry. The arrival of autonomous transport is a huge topic in any tech blog and now any living room. While the industry has an enormous influx of investment, there is still much opportunity for investment in components.


Harvesting, weeding, and maintaining farms is an enormous market. And one that is finding it harder and harder to keep up with the rapid reduction in available labor force.


Our catch-all for any dirty, dull or dangerous job that falls out of these categories. Window washing, bridge cleaning, outdoor debris clean-up, manufacturing, logistics. All enormous areas of revenue ready for disruption.